Knot Controlled

Episode 1 – Ode to My Sons

Episode 2 – Knot Controlled

Episode 3 – Secure and Untie


Dance Film

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Kirsten Ho



Takao Komaru Photography


DANCE Kho presents Knot Controlled 結束: 3 short films 

Ep 1. Ode to My Sons 親兒頌

Ep 2. Knot Controlled 結束

Ep 3. Secure and Untie 解結 (to be completed Sept ‘22)


DANCE Kho, a company celebrated for innovative work that melds movement with media, language and music presents its latest work, Knot Controlled  in collaboration with Hong Kong-based knot designer, Zoe Siu. 


Three short dance films present three different explorations of life’s expectations and restrictions using movement intertwined with rope and knots. While respectfully referencing the ideology of East Asian culture and traditions, the choreography reflects life’s journey of ambition, opportunities and progression. 

The films are about how frustrating life can be with restrictions, rules and regulations beyond our control – Covid, for example. We realise that some of these restrictions are self-inflicted and learn to shift our perspectives and accept that they are just part of who we are: for example, traditional values, gender roles and societal pressures.  We learn to find strength and carry the weight of any burden and it becomes a beautiful part of us- like the dancer who carries the rope.

Ep. 1 Ode to My Sons 親兒頌

Fate determines existence

Culture shapes our values

You choose your future






Ode to My Sons explores what it means to raise children rooted but not tethered to the traditions and values of their culture. The film is a letter to the dancer’s sons to encourage their individuality while honouring generations past.


Ep 2. Knot Controlled 結束


Knot Controlled presents a couple in traditional gender specific roles, carrying the weight (rope) of responsibilities, and expectations from modern society and traditional values. Although sometimes alienating and a struggle, for right or for wrong they ultimately choose not to change their ways. They find peace and comfort knowing that this will always be a part of them and in some respect this makes them stronger… or so they think!


Ep 3. Secure and Untie 解結


Secure and Untie explores acceptance and societal expectations. The dancers, embodying gender stereotypes, use the rope in symbolic way to represent cultural burdens and through playful interactions, they confront and acknowledge societal constraints. The resolution involves wearing the metaphorical rope under their clothes, symbolising a commitment to authenticity within the complexities of the modern world. The choreography presents a powerful portrayal of navigating self-acceptance in the face of societal pressures.

ZOEE by Zoe


Zoe Siu is a Hong Kong-based knot designer, known for her bold, sculptural accessories and striking ropework installations. She graduated from the Hong Kong Polytechnic University in fashion design in 2007. Migrating into accessories design from a background in denim at DKNY JEANS and LEVIS, she indulged herself in knotting skills. Weaving together traditional craftsmanship with inventive design, Zoe’s creations are both sophisticated yet playful, contemporary yet timeless. 

In 2011, Zoe founded the accessories label ZOEE. She has since created a diverse range of innovative, knot-inspired jewelery collections, attracting stockists from major cities across Asia. Furthermore, Zoe established the ZOEE Accessories Select Shop in 2014 as a platform for independent designers from around the world to showcase their craftsmanship and creative ethos. More recently, Zoe was invited to collaborate with renowned US fashion icon, IRIS APFEL, designing an exclusive accessories set for her solo exhibition at the Hong Kong Landmark in 2017. 

In addition to designing accessories, Zoe has been pushing boundaries further by exploring the architectural possibilities of rope, transforming retail and gallery spaces with ropework installations that are both sculpturally bold and painstakingly intricate. Dedicated to promoting the art of knotting, Zoe regularly runs workshops for international brand launches, including OMEGA, ADIDAS, UNIQLO, MIKIMOTO, 45R, and MARIMEKKO, etc. Zoe has also been invited to represent Hong Kong at international exhibitions, such as the ‘Brussels Design September’ festival, 2013, London Craft Week, 2017, AUTOR Jewellery Fair 2017 in Romania, Athens Jewellery Week 2019 in Greece.