Hear My Story


October, 2016
Dance Film - Outreach
"Jockey Club Community Performing Arts Biennale 2016"

Project Organiser:



Number of Dancers:


Hong Kong Youth Arts Foundation

Kirsten Ho

Alexandra Jacobs



Our goal was to empower people to tell their stories, even those that may be difficult for others to listen to, and to learn to find the beauty in challenges both as survivors and as artists.

Our workshops with Pathfinders were designed to help migrant mothers and their children to learn different ways of expressing themselves through creative writing, dance and choreography. We explored unanswered questions from their past, devised personal statements to themselves and others about their present situation, and encouraged them to set a goal for the future. Our objectives were to help them find ways of coping with challenges through creative expression, and to boost their self respect, self awareness and self confidence through the arts. The programme culminated in a fun photo shoot, and the mothers and children received a printed photograph as a reminder of their experience.

Another goal of the project was to expand young artists’ field of inspiration. We invited young Hong Kong Youth Arts Foundation dancers and writers to take part in sessions with the women and make connections by exploring memory, writing, and choreography. Participating youth artists learned about the historical and political background of Pathfinders’ clientele, and crafted a narrative they felt was important to share with a wider Hong Kong audience. The results of the writing and choreography are shown in the dance film “Hear My Story”.