Alone Together


May, 2020
Dance Film - Outreach
"Be The Change"

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Hong Kong Youth Arts Foundation

Anca Chung

Kirsten Ho

Becky Baker



Since January 2020, schools have been closed in Hong Kong because of COVID-19 and young people have had to turn to online learning with social distancing mandated throughout the city. This challenge was proactively converted into a creative opportunity for young people to stay connected while isolated by producing a multimedia virtual project for everyone to express themselves creatively.

A group of young writers and dancers came together with HKYAF’s creative team, including a professional writer, choreographer and videographer, to produce a spoken-word dance film that explores the theme of isolation.

What does it mean to be isolated and how do different generations experience isolation? Researching into past and current events and speaking to people of different ages, the group of young artists hope to send the message that as a community, everyone has the responsibility to make sure no one has to experience isolation on their own. No one has to feel lonely because we are in fact “alone together”. We are part of a global community who will connect again soon, stronger than ever.

The 6-week creative process was incredibly rewarding as the participants took a very challenging situation and developed innovative, stimulating and thought-provoking creations. The whole process also provided a network of support and encouragement without any physical interaction – a true testament of the human spirit and the creativity of youth! In times like these, creativity and the arts are positive sources of energy and advocates for important social issues.

July 19, 2020