16 Beats, 1 Song


February, 2021
Dance Film - Outreach
"Be The Change"

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Hong Kong Youth Arts Foundation

Anca Chung

Kirsten Ho



The experimental short film 16 Beats, 1 Song celebrates the bold individuality and future prospects of Hong Kong’s young people through dance. Conceived in 2020, when the global community united to fight against COVID-19, and directed by choreographer Kirsten Ho and cinematographer Takao Komaru, the work explores the process of self-discovery that all young people experience as they consider questions of identity and meaningful self-expression, showing how individuality shines through even when faces are hidden by masks.

The solo performances featured in the film were created following social distancing regulations and with all rehearsals conducted online. The dancers met in-person for the first time during the filming process when each dancer was filmed one at a time.

Although the dancers perform alone, the overwhelming message of the film is not one of isolation but of community, a space where individuals are diverse but in tune, and where unique voices ring out loud, clear and in harmony.